Report of the First Workshop of the CLASS Project Cluster
"Crosslingual Knowledge Management"
4/5 May 2001 in Madrid

Several European R&D projects in language technology are concerned with creating applications for advanced information and knowledge management. Some of these projects also address the additional dimension of employing language technology for overcoming language boundaries in advanced knowledge management. CLASSiks is a cluster of projects applying language technology to information and knowledge management. The collaboration is supported by the IST Programme of the European Union as part of the initiative CLASS.

The project cluster held its first meeting. 15 LT projects and two initiatives were represented. The workshop took place at the Lagasca NH Hotel in the center of Madrid. The schedule of the workshop as it had been posted in advance had to be revised because of the large number of individual project presentations. The revised schedule is attached. The workshop had 22 participants. A list of participants and the agenda can be found in the attachment. Michelle Carnell and Carmen Görl of DFKI were responsible for the organisation.

1. Presentations

1.1 CLASS and CLASSiks

Hans Uszkoreit welcomes the participants to the first CLASS workshop on the cluster topic "Cross-lingual Information and Knowledge Management" (CLASSiks). He points out that Madrid was chosen as the location for the CLASSiks workshop because two of the EU-IST projects interested in knowledge management are coordinated by Madrid companies. Many thanks to José Esteban and Antonio Valderrábanos of SEMA Group for their assistance with the local arrangements.

A brief overview of CLASS was given. The CLASS project is divided into four "clusters": natural and multimodal interactivity, ( cross-lingual knowledge management, (CLASSiks) ( intelligent interactive information presentation ( speech and language technology evaluation (





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