Crosslingual Information and Knowledge Management


A larger share is contained in texts. Corporate knowledge needs to be shared, preserved, and continuously adapted in quality and scope to new tasks and situation. Therefore, content management is an essential component of knowledge management. In a globalised economy, an increasing amount of contents need to exploited and maintained in several languages. Even businesses that do not maintain physical operations in multiple countries have to share information with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

The HLT sector within the IST program has reacted to the demands by including cross-lingual information and knowledge management into the spectrum of core themes for funded R&D. Similar decisions have been made by the R&D policy makers in the U.S. and Japan. Because of the multilingual and multicultural nature of European society, European businesses are faced with the problem of multilinguality to a much higher degree than their competitors abroad. As in other application areas of human language technology, this challenge can be turned into an advantage.





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